A Glock Dryfire Revolution
A simple device to allow you to press the trigger repeatedly
without having to rack the slide
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Quickly install the Glock E-Trainer to facilitate a more effective dryfire training routine.Without the Glock E-Trainer you have to manually cycle the slide every time you press the trigger in order to reset the trigger. Now, install the Glock E-Trainer in less than 10 seconds and safely dryfire your gun without cycling the slide at all.

"More Time Actually Pulling The Trigger Without Slide Racking Which Ensures No Bad Habits While Dryfiring"
Jacob Paulsen
President | ConcealedCarry.com
Key Features
  • ​No modifications needed
  • ​No gunsmith tools needed 
  • ​Install and remove it in seconds 
  • ​Barrel is aligned to the sights, so it can be used together with a laser or any other aiming aid 
  • ​Ensures no negligent discharges during dry-fire practice - when installed the firearm cannot fire
  • ​No hitting of firing pin which means zero potential damage to your gun
  • ​Works on ALL generations of Glock Handguns
Supported: Normal Serrations
Not Supported: Gill Serrations
Do You Need Type 1, 2, or 3 of the Glock E-Trainer?
Frequently Asked Questions
Will This Damage My Gun?
No, it will not. The Glock E-Trainer prevents the firing pin from hitting.
Will This Fit My Glock?
There are two versions of the Glock E-Trainer. Type 1 fits the majority of Glock pistols. Type 2 fits 11 other models. It will NOT fit on Glock 36, 42, 43, or any Glock with gill serrations.
Will This Fit Anything Other Than A Glock?
No, currently the product is only available for Glock handguns
Is This A Safety Device?
While the Glock E-Trainer will prevent the gun from being fired it is not designed to function as a safety device. Firearms should be locked and secured from unauthorized persons.
What Exactly Does This Do?
The Glock E-Trainer prevents the connector from resetting which keeps the striker in contact with the sear so the sear never drops. All that to say that the firing pin will not be released and will not come forward. This all together allows the trigger to return to its forward position without cycling the slide.
Does The Trigger Still "Break"?
No, with the E-Trainer installed the trigger no longer has a takeup, break, and reset. Instead it just moves freely back and forth. It isn't ideal for training trigger reset but allows that one can do dryfire training without cycling the gun. This allows you to still isolate the trigger finger in your training.
Can I Pair This Tool With A Laser Training Device such as the LaserDot?
No, with the E-Trainer installed the firing pin does not come forward to strike the laser training device. No laser will be projected.
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